TokenStars Progress and Updated Roadmap for 2018/19

Focus on Technology, Business Development, and Partnerships

Sep 7, 2018 · 4 min read
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This summer was productive for TokenStars project development, though it sometimes remained behind-the-scenes and wasn’t public for our community.

As a team we value the operations on a planned and verifiable schedule, though, on the other hand, we all know that rapidly changing crypto and technological world around often forces to improve business logic and update priorities. Therefore we need to follow the lean startup approach and be capable of quickly amending our next steps to fit the changing environment and market conditions.

During the last months we have worked on TokenStars priorities and now the vision is clear to provide our community with the updated roadmap. Our future activities will be concentrated around 3 key business directions:

  1. Prioritizing development of modules, focused on “Players + Fans” interaction (Scouting, Bounty Fan Clubs, and Fan communications).
  2. Bringing new PRO athletes and promising talents on the platform.
  3. Promoting the platform and increasing the awareness of sports & crypto community about the project, that may lead to greater implementation of tokens (partnerships, new listings).

We share the detailed update with you today: it includes the achieved results, current progress and our plans for the next year. Following the major business directions described above we divided the roadmap into three blocks:

  • Technology.
  • Operations and Business Development.
  • Marketing, Promotion, and Listing.

1. Achieved Results (Q1’2017 — Q2’2018)

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TokenStars Roadmap. Achieved Results (Q1’2017 — Q2’2018).

In the Technology stream, we have already released 3 working modules: Crypto Auctions, Voting, and Sports predictions and continuously work on its improvement.

In the Operations and Business Development part, we have built the project team, established partnerships with the crypto funds and blockchain projects, signed contracts with 3 PRO players, run the full-scale test of the Predictions module during the FIFA World Cup with 3000+ users having registered in the contests.

In the Marketing and Promotion stream, we focused our efforts on building liquidity and boosting awareness of the project. We’ve listed on the Okex and Bit-Z exchanges involved big sports celebrities in the project promotion and created marketing campaigns targeting more than 2 million members of the crypto community.

2. Current Progress and Near-term Plans (Q3 — Q4’2018)

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TokenStars Roadmap. Current progress and near-term plans (Q3 — Q4’2018).

In short-term, until the end of 2018, we will focus on accomplishing the following major goals:

  • Release Talent Scouting module, conduct community voting and sign first contracts with the promising players.
  • Launch Bounty Fan Club module, grow the user base and develop the interaction between stars and fans.
  • Promote the PRO-players to increase their fan audience and create solid ground for the future advertising promotion.
  • Increase token awareness among the crypto community (marketing, events). Monitor the market opportunities and negotiate the potential listings with exchanges. We see solid potential on bringing TEAM to the new markets (a) when we receive the favorable terms and (b) the listing has proven volume and active user base.

3. Mid-term Plans (Q1 — Q2’2019)

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TokenStars Roadmap. Mid-term plans (Q1 — Q2’2019)

H1 2019 marks the completion of the main development phase: platform infrastructure is fully functional, stable and simply awesome 😎. It will allow us to strengthen our efforts on the operations and regular business development.

We launch the final batch of modules in Q1-Q2 2019, perform the technical and operational stabilization of the fully launched platform and continue to maintain the high focus on the business side.

The key aspects in H1 2019 are:

  • Expansion of the scouting activities to acquire the most promising talents and improve players’ assessment processes.
  • Launching the advertising tools to increase the monetization potential of celebrities and PRO athletes.
  • Developing the partnership network of representatives (sports academies, coaches, independent agents) in the most important sport and entertainment hubs worldwide.

To conclude: we have a lot to do in the upcoming year. And we’re really excited to be the first movers on the talent management market, bringing new features and opportunities for stars, fans, and advertisers!

Thank you for supporting TokenStars. We will be happy to hear your thoughts and answer any questions in our Telegram.

For more information: follow the project’s social media channels on Facebook Twitter Telegram Medium LinkedIn Reddit or take a look at our videos on YouTube.

NB: the dates and steps provided are our estimates and may be changed based on business requirements and market environment. While we intend to provide the community with detailed plans and transparent updates, information on some projects may be withheld due to confidentiality agreements or competitive market dynamics.

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