TokenStars September Report:
The Big Time

A lot of scouting work that we have done in recent months led to two new contracts in September — both in poker and tennis. Read this and other news in our monthly digest.

  • Auction with Alexey Miranchuk
  • 2 contracts are signed
  • US Open in Predictions contest
  • Fourth free-entry poker tournament
  • Training session with Tobias Schaaf

Auction with Alexey Miranchuk

From the 10th to the 24th of September we conducted an auction with Aleksey Miranchuk, a shining star of Russian football.

Aleksei is a professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder or striker for Lokomotiv Moscow for the last 7 years. He is the Russian national team player, too. From September 2020, Alexey will play for the Italian Atalanta B.C. Right now he is the third most expensive Russian player.

Aleksey decided to support the Need Help Charitable Fund. The charity action, organized by the Need Help Charitable Fund, started an initiative designed to support people who are in difficult situations, who have nothing to eat, nothing to wear, nothing to buy medicine for.

The fund reminds us that with the advent of COVID-19 in Russia, the number of unemployed is growing, people are dropping incomes, they are worried about their finances. The action aims to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Russia.

To support this initiative, Alexey presented a professional pair of Adidas boots with his shortened surname and his constant football number 59. The boots were worn in matches against Zenit, Akhmat, and Rostov.

Four bids were made and the highest one was $ 186. 100% of the donated money is already transferred to the Need Help Charitable Fund.

Tennis results

Three new players applied to the Young Athlete Support program.

  • Margarita Andreyuk (Russia)
  • Volodymyr Zakharov (Ukraine)
  • Ibrakhimjon Urinov (Uzbekistan)

Margarita won two J5 titles in Telavi in 2019 and also J5 title in Antalya in 2020. Right now her overall win rate is 86%.

Volodymyr won 2 titles: J5 Chisinau and J5 Adazi. His highest career position in the ITF rating is 331.

Ibrokhimjon has little statistics on games in ITF tournaments, but he is already showing results in the ATP events. So, he has already won $ 2,234 prize money.

A new contract with tennis junior is signed

We are happy to announce the start of the partnership with Aziz Dadabaev, he became the second junior tennis player, who signed a contract with us this year!

Aziz Dadabaev is an 18-year-old player from Uzbekistan. In 2019 he won three J5 tournaments and is planning to enter the top 100 ITF Juniors ranking this year. The highest career rank is the 138th position. In 2020 he has an 86% win rate, according to the ITF Ranking.

“My name is Aziz Dadabaev. I started playing tennis at the age of 7, in the city of Namangan, with my coach Arthur Suleymanov.

Then at the age of 13, I entered a tennis school in the capital, in Tashkent, where I began to show good results and went to play for the national team of Uzbekistan under 14 years old №1 and the national team under 16 №2. Then I actively trained and studied at the same school, earned the first ITF points, and occupied a position in the ranking of 138. Then I played the semi-final futures M15 in pairs.

I plan to actively play futures, challengers, ATP tournaments, and become a high-class tennis player!”

TokenStars will provide assistance in financing and marketing promotion for Aziz.

Poker results

This month we had 4 applications for the poker discipline:

  • Denis Puysha from Belarus.
  • Denys Mishchenko from Poland.
  • Vladislavs Perovs from Latvia.
  • Vitaly Velikotsky from Russia.

Voting results:

  • Denis Puysha : 65.1% — YES, 34,9% — NO
  • Denys Mishchenko: 40.2% — YES, 59,8% — NO
  • Vladislavs Perovs: 95% — YES, 5% — NO
  • Vitaly Velikotsky was rejected by experts due to poor statistics.

Denis Puysha has been playing poker for five years. Over the past two years, he has shown very good results. His profit for the entire time is $ 15,000. In addition to online championships, Denis maintains his twitch channel and takes part in major offline championships. He has a very high potential, which can lead him to outstanding results in the future. Therefore, we are glad that Denis has joined our team!

Total cashes, lowstakes, and ITM scores are Denis Puysha’s top advantages

Vladislavs Perovs has 5 years of poker experience. His profit for the entire time is $ 17,000. He passed the voting stage. He has impeccable stats considering the limits of his game. We are currently negotiating with the player. We hope that he will join our team of professionals and become part of our community.

Two other players did not pass the voting in the community, so at the moment we are not ready to take him into the community due to lack of experience for professional games and poor statistics.

US Open in Predictions contest

This time we decided to dedicate predictions to one of the grand slam tournaments, as tennis is one of the main sports we work with.

During ten days we followed the first big tennis event after the pandemic. Dominic Thiem won the men’s singles title, defeating first time Grand Slam finalist Alexander Zverev in a five-set match to capture his first Grand Slam title. Naomi Osaka won the women’s singles title, defeating Victoria Azarenka in three sets, capturing her second US Open title and third Grand Slam title overall.

The most accurate predictors shared 3000 TEAM tokens in the prize pool.

Fourth free-entry poker tournament

Our regular home tournament took place on the 21st of September. This time the winner was identified in a very short time and the duration of the tournament was 73 minutes.

The tournament was attended by 17 people, 3 of whom won the part of the prize money. The prize fund of the tournament was 12,000 TEAM tokens!

Distribution of prize money:
1st place — 6000 TEAM tokens for lockden13
2nd place — 3600 TEAM tokens for nastya_chizha
3rd place — 2400 TEAM tokens for jfr4

Congratulations to our winner lockden13!

Training session with Tobias Schaaf

In the Fan communications module, we present the opportunity to get personal training with our expert and head poker coach in the Token Stars team.

This September a young player from Russia Ilya Soloviev became a participant. Ilya has been playing poker for a year and a half. He has little experience but has a strong desire to become a professional poker player.

The training was based on the study of strategies for playing cash games. Tobias analyzed Ilya’s game and made some recommendations for improving the strategy.

Tobias gave some personal tips for Ilya. We want to share them with you, too:

  1. Never rely on luck and hope.
  2. Calculate all probabilities.
  3. If you have good cards, then never expect a raise from your opponent, and do it first. Because you’re collecting bankroll.
  4. Consider your position. Make decisions only based on your position.

The player was amazed by the information he received. He hopes that by applying knowledge, he will be able to achieve his goal faster.

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