TokenStars World Cup 2018 Contest Successfully Completed!

Dear TokenStars community!

While new competitions in the Predictions module are in full swing, we are happy to announce the results of the TokenStars World Cup 2018 Contest. It attracted a lot of attention from the sports and blockchain communities, and we are happy with the goals achieved.

Let us share these results with you:

Audience growth

Since the launch of the contest, nearly 3000 users have joined and registered in the TokenStars Predictions module. It would have been impossible without the help from our community, which actively participated in the referral program. More than 50% of active predictors were invited by their friends.

Here are the key stats on users’ activity during the World Cup contest:

  • The number of DAU (daily active users) grew 9X times per month (+800%) and on the match days it was in the range of 700–900 daily predictors!
  • 7AU (7-day-active users) metric, which shows the core audience of the module, also increased 10X times since the launch of the prediction bot, consistently achieving 45–60% of the daily user base.

We observed some drop in the user activity during the days of “additional” questions and made some corrections to our future plans.

We will:

  • Add more kinds of sports (tennis, cybersports, baseball, hockey, and others);
  • Create special contests and competitions, dedicated to the most interesting events in global sports;
  • Extend the referral program and raise the incentives for the participation.

Increased awareness of the TEAM & ACE tokens in the crypto community.

The launch of the Predictions module and World Cup Contest grew the visibility and knowledge of the TokenStars project and positively affected the activity on the exchanges.

Here are some interesting facts on the TokenStars World Cup 2018 Predictions Contest.

43488 predictions were made during the contests!

✅ 20 379 of forecasts were correct 46.86 %

⛔️ while 23109 were wrong 53.14%

Easiest and toughest predictions

The easiest match result to predict during the WC contest was England vs. Panama — more than 90% of users choose the correct outcome. The ratio for England’s win was 1.22x and 585 users predicted the correct result of the game, which ended with a confident 6–1 victory.

The most unexpected match was South Korea vs. Germany — only 85 predictors (15%) guessed the result of the game correctly (2:0). The ratio for the Korean victory was 14.0X, so the smartest users made a leapfrog in the leaderboard! No surprise here — who could have predicted such a result from the German team!

🔮 In order to better understand the users’ behavior, we have also compared two opposite strategies of prediction-making:

1st — selecting the most probable option, even though the odds ratio is lower.

2nd — trying to catch the “black swan”, picking the less-likely event to maximize the potential payoff.

We have matched the odds with the actual results of the World Cup games, and calculated, that the most cautious users could have earned 9008 GOAL points, while the riskier tactics would bring only 6125 GOAL points.

It wouldn’t be enough to beat the Top-3 winners of TokenStars World Cup leaderboard, but the first strategy could bring you to the top-20 even without the Tier bonus!

Hope the results of this experiment will help you to further improve your predictions strategy!

As a bonus, we also asked our winners to share their tactics and ideas about the TokenStars Predictions Contest. Please welcome our Top-3!

@MikhailShein — the Winner of the TokenStars World Cup 2018 Predictions Contest (10913.2 rating points). Won an iPhone X and 10,000 TEAM.

@kimscb — the Second place of the TokenStars World Cup 2018 Predictions Contest (10518.15 rating points). Won iPhone X and 5,000 TEAM.

@ADTeams — the Third place of the TokenStars World Cup 2018 Predictions Contest (10381.6 rating points). Won iPhone X and 3,000 TEAM

1)What was your winning strategy? Did you tend to choose the most probable outcome or picked the outlier with the highest payoff ratio?

@MikhailShein: I’m interested in football and it helped me to win. I studied statistics and chose the most likely option, but when the payoff ratio was really big I took a risk. I believe that the predictions module will help to attract more people to the TokenStars platform.

@kimscb: I like soccer, so I predicted the result based on the information I knew. I chose the “black swan” several times at the end of the tournament, but it was all wrong. I bought more Team Token to increase my tier bonus and get higher chances of winning the competition.

2) How many friends did you invite to the contest? Did they like the idea of TokenStars and the contest?

@ADTeams: I invited 25 people. They really liked the idea and participated in the contest.

3) Which TokenStars platform features do you expect mostly? Do you have any favorite sports players, which you’d love to see among TokenStars partners?

@MikhailShein: I like sports and that’s why I share the ideas of TokenStars. I’m anticipating the scouting module because it will allow the project to acquire young promising players and participate in their future development.

@ADTeams: I am interested in this project because I like all sports. The World Cup contest is the most interesting thing, so I am looking for more special contests. I like eSports, so I look forward to seeing partnerships between TokenStars and famous cyber-players.

@kimscb: I loved the idea that I could support my favorite player. This idea will make a big impact on the development of promising athletes. I like Park Ji Sung, a retired Korean soccer player, and Gianluca Zambrotta, a partner of the project.

Thank you for your time and participation in TokenStars World Cup Contest! Wait for more news from TokenStars soon!