At the beginning of autumn, the TokenStars team built upon the success of previous results and continued development of all directions evenly. Here is the detailed information of what was done in September:

New item in the E-commerce

In a pandemic year, there was a boom in placements of fan tokens of football clubs; Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Barcelona — only a dozen clubs issued their crypto coins. Why did they do it and is it possible to make money on fan cryptocurrency?

And in general, attending football matches…

Over the past months, you have been following what is happening in the scouting module. And in August we got some tangible results and signed contracts with two experienced poker players. This and other news in our monthly digest.

Sports marketing is a powerful tool that is successfully used to promote not only sports, for example, football and hockey teams, boxers, but it also works in various business sectors. When dealing with sports, it is worth distinguishing between pure sports marketing versus marketing through sport. …

July brought us some success in scouting players for our team. There were also activities for community members — training sessions, our traditional prediction competition, and more. Read the details below.

June was eventful for both the project team and our community members. We have carried out several activities on the platform. We also expected progress in the scouting module, where we are actively looking for promising participants. But first things first.

There are problems that need to be helped to solve. One of them is the relatively low earnings of newcomers. According to experts, in baseball and other sports, beginners receive about 50 times less than their more experienced colleagues. Plus, injuries, due to which earnings are severely cut. …

In May, we added a new item to our store, followed the Ice Hockey World Championship with our community, and continued to look for promising players. Did everything work out? We will tell you in our traditional monthly report.

Scouting Module creates lucrative opportunities for poker players. They can apply for staking on the platform and after we make an analysis of their game statistics and community voting we will decide whether they receive funding. …

Spring is a great time to start something new. Therefore, in April we received new applications for the scouting module in both the tennis and poker business areas. You can also leave your application or tell your friends and get a reward for it. …


The first celebrity management platform on blockchain. TEAM token sale completed.

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