Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup Statement Regarding the Recent Network Split

The Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup supports unity in regards to the recent split of the Bitcoin Cash network. We feel both sides share the same goal of peer to peer electronic cash for the world. Our meetups will continue as normal and we welcome both BCH and BSV supporters to join us in working together to achieve our shared goals.

The Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup was created as a means to have a unified, undistracted focus on the development of a Bitcoin Cash ecosystem in Tokyo and beyond. The years-long infighting about block size and other matters had become unproductive. A renewed inspiration had come and we hoped making a clean break from the existing routine would offer the best format possible for pursuing our goals.

Now, a new division has suddenly erupted on Bitcoin Cash after nearly a year of uninterrupted focus on adoption. As it stands we now have two coins instead of one, with fracturing among team divisions, companies, developers, and miners, all feeling that a side needs to be taken.

While similarities to the Bitcoin Core (BTC) breakup exist, there is a major difference.

This split wasn’t about goals. Bitcoin Core had become nothing more than digital gold, throwing out the entire idea of Bitcoin being used as digital cash for the world. BCH & BSV both still share the same original goals of Bitcoin.

Developers, miners, businesses, investors, and users are all people. This is the social aspect of Bitcoin that we find to be very important. This is what we meant when we said it was all about adoption. Adoption is social. No “perfect” technical system will succeed in the absence of good faith.

So, we stand together, as a meetup and as a social group, to reject the divisiveness imparted on our community. If we want digital cash to flourish, we have to seed it with a shared goal and commitment. The Tokyo Bitcoin Cash organizers will embrace the unity of the community. We invite the meetup members to join us in working together, seeking our shared goal. The chain has split, but we as a community still have a choice to remain united in pursuing peer to peer electronic cash for the world.