Unless you live under a rock, it is likely that you’ve played (or at least heard of other people playing) Pokémon GO. The free game was released on July 6 for iOS and Android. …

Looking for the next place to take your next #OOTD shot? Alas, our favorite Instagram walls across the country. Fear not, this trend is not just for bloggers. Girls and guys are lining up to take their perfect shot against murals across the country. Every day, hundreds of photos are…

You Stream, I Stream, We All Stream… Live.

Video stream has been at the tip of everyone’s tongues the past few weeks, as technology giants Facebook and Twitter set their sights on video live streaming. …

New Instagram & Snapchat Updates

Instagram Has Given Super Users The Update They’ve Been Waiting For!

If you’re a serious Instagram user, you may have more than one account — one for your selfies, and one (or more) for a separate interest.

Instagram just updated the app to allow a single person to run multiple accounts at the same time.

“Starting this week, you can quickly…

Fun Super Bowl Facts:

Cost of a 30 sec ad :

1967 — $42 thousand

2016 — $5 million

Ad spend from 2005 to 2014 :

$2.5 billion of network ad sales

Increased by 75% over decade

More than 47 min of commercial time

Most expensive ticket on stub hub (Feb. 1) :


Cheapest ticket on Stub Hub :


Expected San Fran visitors :

1 million

Cost of hosting in Santa Clara :


Amount Santa Clara will be reimbursed by committee :


Chicken wings consumed on SB Sunday :

~1.3 billion

Viewers of SB49 :

114.4 million

Number of viewers in Puppy Bowl 2015 :

10.4 million

Number of viewers in Kitten Bowl 2015 :

1.3 million

Quarterbacks w/Multiple Super Bowl Starts :

Social media isn’t only about ROI. And it isn’t only about sales. Social media is about branding, opening channels of communication with customers, building loyalty, being transparent and establishing good will.

And if you cover all of those bases, then guess what? If your product or service is worthy, you…

Social Media Optimization

For our readers familiar with urban dictionary, we’re not talking about the slang acronym “smoke me out”. We’re talking about optimization. Social Media Optimization.

Before we get started defining what SMO is and how you can benefit, let’s identify who this is NOT for.

If you are seeking instant gratification…

Based on a true email.

To: Everybody

Subject: If you don’t have time to read this . . . read it twice.

— — — —

Stop. Breathe. Now, think about how you’re managing your time. Speaking for myself, I have some room for improvement.

It’s been said there are two paradigms to scheduling — the manager and the maker. The manager’s day is cut into 30-minute intervals, and they change what…

The tech trend you don’t have to see to believe.

The attack of the Invisible Apps!

Text, email, and tweet to make stuff happen. Apps without an interface.

Need a specific task completed? No need to hunt around the app store and download precious gigs you have no space for. No need to learn the ins and outs of how to use a new interface — simply use a familiar communication platform like iMessage, e-mail, tweet, etc. …

Facebook’s Newest and Boldest Idea

Are you ready for a personal assistant? Well, get ready, because Facebook is gearing up to give you one via the app’s Messenger function. …


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