We Will, We Will Rock You … To Sleep?!

I love listening to music for children. My current favorite children’s CD’s are from Rockabye Baby! Songs from U2, Maroon 5, The Clash, and many more are turned into plinky, plunky instrumental lullabies with a few bells and barks thrown in for good measure. It’s soothing music for your little ones that won’t drive you crazy.

The latest releases feature lullaby renditions of music by pop stars …

Rockabye Baby — Renditions of Rihanna
Rockabye Baby — Renditions of Taylor Swift
Rockabye Baby — Renditions of Adele

Here are some of my favorites …

Rockabye Baby — Renditions of Eagles

The Eagles have always been the biggest birds in the neighborhood. Their country-rock songs evoke the freedom of a vacation with the family, children sitting in the backseat of the station wagon, looking wide-eyed at the world. With gentle harmonies as warm as a summer breeze, the Eagles are a bundle of feel good. When the stars shine brightly in the sky, it’s time for the kids to take it easy. Play this album to ensure peaceful, easy sleeping’s.

Rockabye Baby — Renditions by Green Day

Do cries in the night make you a basket case? If a rambunctious baby is turning you into an insomniac, these lullaby versions of Green Day’s anthems will make for sweet children. Say good riddance to a cranky baby and welcome to paradise.

Rockabye Baby — Renditions of Journey

When the lights go down in the nursery, try these gentle renditions of Journey’s biggest power ballads. We’ll have your small town girl or city boy on the midnight train to sleepytown in no time. Who’s crying now? Not your little angel. Don’t stop believin’ in peace and quiet.

Rockabye Baby — Renditions of Prince

Have sleepless nights made you delirious? When your little dove cries and a simple kiss won’t do, try these gentle renditions of Prince’s funkiest anthems. Drive off to dreamland with Rockabye Baby.

Interest Piqued?

The Rockabye Baby series also offers lullaby renditions of the Beatles, Coldplay, David Bowie, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Jay-Z, Kiss, Michael Jackson, Queen, the Ramones, the Rolling Stones, and Weezer.

Featured Image Credit: Sleeping Baby — Pixabay Image 72724 (Creative Commons license, public domain).

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