Everyone Likes Boobs: Well, almost everyone.

Who doesn’t like a nice rack? I mean honestly? There’s a restaurant chain built off big breasted women. (Hooters). So if breasts are so wonderful, what’s the problem? Oh yeah, that’s right. Using them for the natural purpose. That’s most definitely an issue.😐

At what point do we stop and say, “it’s just a boob.” Or how about this, when do we say , “it’s not my boob so I don’t control whether it’s out on the town or tucked in for the night.” Okay here comes some ragingly insensitive comments.

“ That’s just disgusting.” Oh, so a woman feeding her hungry child is disgusting, but you watching porn is socially acceptable. So, if the woman’s breast are used for your pleasure it’s fine, but for the child’s natural necessity is grosssssss. That makes a lot of sense.

“She has no respect for herself.” — she obviously has respect for her child for going the more natural route and providing him/her with the natural nutrients we were meant to provide. If anyone doesn’t have respect it’s the person making this argument. Yeah, I said it. Respect people’s bodies for what they are, and mind your own buisness.

“I don’t want to see it.” That’s fine. It really is, but when she is already covered by a cloth and then has to go sit in a bathroom stall because you are so distracted that’s just plain selfish.

So this controversy needs to stop. It’s outdated and so ridiculous that it is offensive. Get over it. Or should I say “Get over tit.” 😉

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