Why Teenagers Suck (It’s Not Just Our Fault)

So, let’s get this straight. Teenagers suck, and being a teenager sucks.

Okay, so it is partially our fault that life is so difficult from age 13–19. Depending on who your addressing, we seem to treat each other in odd ways. For instance, why is it that two females in one room who have a lot in common hate each other? It’s this stupid feeling called, “threatened”. If there is an attractive girl in the room, and another one walks in the first is obligated to hate her. It’s ignorant really, and if you’re going to deny it lets just consider who says what. Do you remember talking to one female about another? I do. If you say something positive, they follow it by something negative in order to make themselves feel better. WHY DO WE DO THAT. God forbid someone identifies as anything but “heterosexual”. We stigmatize anyone who is different and it’s just not fair. It’s inherently unrealistic. As for the guys, the expectations are way too high. Why is it that we are attacking body positivity in women right now, but not men? Women’s bodies are not the only ones who are being destroyed by societies standards. It’s too often I have heard high school boys mocked for their weight. Since they have a penis I guess it doesn’t affect them though, right? Wrong. So wrong it is absolutely laughable.

Like I said at the beginning, we are not the only ones to blame for how off we are. Our whole lives we are put in a school that thrives off competition and standardized testing. How can we feel that anyone in the education system cares for us if all they are doing is handing us the worksheets the state requires them too. Beyond that dress code is a bore. Shoulders are too risk-ay. All i’m saying is that if my shoulder gives some kid a boner, that really isn’t my problem, that’s his; and well that’s just weird. Of course this dress coding that goes above and beyond to cover the FEMALE body is only adding to rape culture, but that’s another topic to address. Beyond curriculum and dress code there are the wonderful world of school sports. It goes like this: high school sports are not fun unless you are good at them. Honestly? I’m a great softball player(not to toot my own horn), but I don’t even enjoy playing anymore. When it stops being a game and starts being a drill, it’s not fun. When the only reason your playing is because it’s most likely the only way you can get into college, that’s pathetic; but not on your part. We are raised having it drilled into our heads how expensive college is, and how we’ll have to work our whole life to pay it off. Yet why is no one asking, “Why the fuck is it so expensive?” At this point college is a necessity if you want to live off of any pay greater than minimum wage. The money is just as big of an issue as the fact that some kids are left wandering off into this giant world of financial loans, scholarships, ACT’s, and tuition by themselves. I would know, i’m one of them. Neither of my parents went to college and so when it comes to any of the process, I have to find out by myself. It’s overwhelming, it’s terrifying and it’s a reality that isn’t fairly considered.

Now, i’m not here to just complain. I do have to give credit where credit is due. One implemented system that has made our lives as teenagers easier is programs like College Program Plus and Post Secondary. This allows students to get their college free if they take college classes for both high school and college credits. It’s a wonderful step and it’s so beneficial.

Conclusively, I guess I just wanted to rant and I apologize if nothing I've said has interested you in the least, but it needed to be said. Thank you.

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