Islamophobia ‘claims’ Australia

Recently the Australian media has been on par with targeting Australian Muslim’s. This is not the first time Australia has encountered a series of media attention surrounding Muslims. Muslims are only 2.2% of the 22 million people in Australia, yet there seems to be a growing fear of them.

They call her ‘legend’ Stacey Clark, a woman who stood up to an abusive passenger on a Sydney train. Earlier this week a Muslim couple got yelled “your kids behead people” from an elderly woman.

Racism at it’s finest of examples. Photo: The Sydney Morning Herald
Islamophobia is a fear or hatred to Islam and by definition Muslim’s. This may be caused from personal experience, lack of knowledge and pure ignorance.

One of the interesting things i've noticed is the media always expects a response from the Muslim community when an issue circulates.

Another Islamophobic accusation came from Australian ‘politician’ Pauline Hanson, leader of One Nation. Pauline Hanson believes Halal food certification supports terrorists. To understand this, you must first acknowledge that halal food is Muslim and so then terrorists are Muslims? Sheer ignorance and hatred towards Muslims drives this unhealthy argument. ABC then intervene and highlight that halal food does not support Al-Qaeda (whaaa?)…

On the defence…again.

Take a look at this article. Apparently there was a woman who was planning to blow up a navy base in Cairns. Only later to find out she would be admitted to drug and alcohol facility if granted bail. She is not muslim. No terrorism charges made.


We all remember September 11, we all remember London bombings, we all remember the Sydney siege earlier this year but why does all Muslims get targeted?

I myself am a Muslim. I’m white. I'm a Turkish Australian. I don't have a beard, heck a beard today is fashion. I find that I never really get affected as much as my friends who do look more ‘Muslim’ (i.e. a beard, modest clothing, olive complexion). I find it sad to see that people can be categorised and even victimised by differences which we all have.

Hipster beard. Photo:

A Muslim style beard…

Jewish beard. Photo:

Islamophobia affects all Muslims in Australia.

The “Aussie” burqa. Photo: David Crosling

The media released news regarding a operation which found five young men detained by the Australian Federal Police.

Five ‘men’ were ‘arrested’ for relations of weapons arrest, possessing prohibited items and terrorist activity in Melbourne’s east. Two hundred police were involved to detain five 18 year olds because they were apparently targeting police officers on a ANZAC day event. They were taken down with pepper spray. Human rights walked straight over.

The Operation was called “Rising”... sounds a bit like an PlayStation Call of Duty game…

A good movie title. Photo:

Approximately 23% of the world’s population is Muslim. Islam, the name of the faith, is practiced by 1.6 billion people across the globe. Australia has a cute 22 million with only 2.2% Muslim (~476,000). So why is the entire Australian government investing so much time for this minority group?

Late last year a woman was bashed on a public train. The victim was a 26 year old Muslim who was encountered with abusive and racist remarks following a heavy bout of news on ISIS and young Australian men radicalising to go fight overseas. The woman grabbed the victim by her neck and hair and banged her carriage to carriage. This is mental, nothing was done to prevent this from happening.

The community is not safe for Muslims if the government is not controlling the issue. We are all equal humans and deserve the same treatment. We should feel safe and calm in our homes and communities. Unfortunately this is not the case and there is many that are traumatized from the experience.

Muslims are not only victimised in their own country they must also give a justification for topics such as ISIS. There are other issues in this country that the government does not want to face e.g. youth unemployment, so diverting the populations attention to the minority groups seems to be the case.

Islamophobia however works both ways. The more Islam and Muslims are heard in the news and the community the more research opportunity it has for people to find the answers. Islam is a religion of peace, no matter what people say it is, the definition of Islam is — submission to the will of God.

There are now, new networks forming to counteract Islamophobia and racism within the community. Online register forms are being built to save these incidents and to keep records of all Islamophobia witnessed.

A small sample of some Islamophobia experienced. Photo:

It must be clear that not all Muslims are good nor are all non-Muslims good. Each and every person has their own beliefs, experiences, upbringings, cultures, backgrounds and so forth. It is not black and white, good and bad, yes and no. You must ensure you give each and everyone with the respect you want for yourself. Generalising or labelling people is something that has been done in the past for whatever reason and should stay in the past.

Australia is a country of respect and diversity. We share many cultures and faiths under one land and we generally go about our own lives in harmony until issues like these are raised. The media loves to spark trouble and no support from leaders equals a great deal of hysteria and fear in the public eye.

Do I stop?

Ok last point.

The silly issue about banning ‘halal certification’ is preposterous. Do people really know anything? Banning vegemite and peanut halal certificates is not going to save the nation from these apparent ‘terrorists’.

I know most people are educated and understanding however the few that are ignorant cause heartache for me and this month the ‘claim back Australia’ rally was one that caused much heartache. I hope that Australia can wake up and alleviate the damage it has caused the Islamic society of Australia.

Wa’salaam.. (and peace..)

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