Driving costs are hidden. Revealing them could help reduce traffic
Willa Ng

A timely and thought provoking article, but FYI we’ve solved the transparency issue of toll costs despite the fragmentation of the tolling industry. Our Tollsmart app works just like Google Maps but displays toll costs alongside time and distance for any routes in the US & Canada. Agree that more agencies and DOTs should follow VATs lead and open up this data to developers, and by-they-way WSDOT has as well and we’re pulling their dynamic pricing feeds for their I-405 Express Toll Lanes into our app (more here: https://www.tollsmart.com/about-us/express-lanes/). I think the key point you’ve hit dead on here is that with all the focus on multi-modal transportation apps comparing the costs of various transit options, the cost of driving a car has largely been ignored. Kudos.

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