4 Things I Want You to Know About Me As a Customer

So I walked in your store, picked up the product myself, walked up to the register, handed you the money, then you with your robotic attitude just clicked somewhere and you thought that what you did was customer service right?

Wrong! Customer service is not just me walking up to the counter and actually giving the service to myself. It is actually pretty much more than that. In case you didn’t knew, customer service starts long before I walked in your store, and after I left. No matter the size of a company, a great customer service should be the heart of a business model. It’s very important to provide excellent customer service to every type of client.

Just think about it, wouldn’t you love to have a better reputation as a company? Wouldn’t you love to have good recommendations? Wouldn’t you love people like me to write an article where you will be celebrated, instead of criticized and pointed at? And last, don’t you want your business to grow and prosper?

When I’ll become a client you should expect for me to be a regular, and make sure to be that way. Loyal customers will increase the amount of money they spend in your store and in that way together with you, they invest in growing the business. Plus, loyal means good recommendations to other potential customers.

So here are 4 things you should take care of, If you want me as a customer:


Treat me with respect as soon as I walk in the store, or as soon as you hear my voice over the phone. And please, if I already use a product that you sold me, if I call with some issues, please listen me carefully without judgment and respond quickly to my complain. Exceed my expectations for once.


Greet me when I walk in, ask me how am I, offer me some beverage, perhaps I am walking all day from store to store to find the perfect product.


Answer to every question I’ll ask about the product. If I’m using a software as a service, please respond to my e-mail within 24 hours. Or be available on the phone when I need support for the product.


And lastly, before you decide to sell me something, understand me as a customer. Communicate with me even before you put the product in the store.

To summarize, focus on good customer service and you’ll have me as a regular.

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