How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Package

It’s just overwhelming how many hosting services and packages are out there. It’s time consuming just to choose one, not mentioning to set up the website yourself. Before you start searching for the best web hosting package, there are few factors that need to be considered:

Choosing the Hosting Company

The company and its brand means a lot when you’re looking for a safe partner for your website. There are thousands of web hosting companies globally to research for that can be affordable and customer service oriented, with plenty of benefits.

The key is to search for the company that will offer you different pricing packages, so you can compare better. You can even compare different companies that offer different pricing packages, which is even better. But the pricing packages vary from different reasons..

Server quality

You might want to thoroughly research how these web hosting companies rate. There are lot of users and third party reviews that know them good. Ratings of a web hosting company are their most important asset.

Everyone looks for percentage of downtime first. Excessive downtime will make it difficult for you to manage the website, not to mention turning off the users.

Acceptable downtime should only be about 30 minutes of downtime per month. 30 minutes Max! Anything over that means that there’s something wrong with the web hosting company that you’ve researched. Could be hackers attack but that kind of problem shouldn’t be seen so often, like every month. A company can have one bad month, but 3–4 in a row means bad hosting service.

Good Customer Service

Of course. It’s understandable. And companies need to understand this too. Lot of entrepreneurs that are just starting out have no experience whatsoever with website managing, and they will have a lot of questions. There is no stupid question that cannot be answered.

Research what web hosting company offers the best customer service. Look for how these companies interact with their clients. Do they alert when they make maintenance changes? Does their technical support is available 24/7?

You need to look for customer support that suits your needs, when choosing web hosting package. Don’t choose so cheap that you will only have an e-mail support. If email answered in 48 hours is fine for you, ok but most people this is not acceptable.

Server Application Availability

A good web hosting package needs to offer some options for the entrepreneur. Having those options available is from huge importance. When first starting out, maybe you won’t need everything, but later on you will want a blog, e-commerce section, AdWords, as also alternative SEO plugins.

Look for a package that supports WordPress, so that the web hosting company easily add plugins to your website. If you don’t choose your web hosting package right, you will pay for every little thing that needs to be changed on your website.

Shared or dedicated hosting package

You don’t expect a lot of traffic on you website in the beginning and you’re on the budget? Then shared hosting is the solution for you, meaning your entire account, your web page, email and applications are hosted on a server with other accounts.

On the other hand, if your website is starting to pick a lot of traffic and has content that is too graphic (Adobe Flash or Streaming) there is a chance that the media will not get to the site visitor fast or will bog down other opened websites by the visitor. In that case you’ll need a dedicated web hosting service, that will make your website faster and more accessible.

Hope that this information will help you in your web hosting package choice. You can always can start with starter web hosting package, and if you determine you need to move to a dedicated server, they can help you migrate your website effortlessly.

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