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Life on Earth is constantly evolving. Changes are fast. It’s a normal thing. And it is good to change right, I mean it’s what moves a human being forward.

But we forgot the things that we should respect and improve. And with that being said, I want to start talking about how these fast changes affect our environment and everyday life.

With every unwanted (or deliberate) physical, chemical or biological change that we do to the soil, water, air and other natural resources we are doing one of the biggest crimes against humanity and mother nature, pollution.

I don’t get it, more and more is discussed on this subject, and we have more and more pollution. It’s like people don’t understand, there isn’t much action happening, especially in big countries.

Our lives are immensely complicated, troubled, and threatened by the pollution that we create every day. Even though there can be numerous reasons for pollution, we got to admit that We as humans are the biggest threat to the environment.

The air pollution is mostly because industries and cars can’t stop releasing gasses into the air. That carbon and sulfur dioxide is unbearable. It causes breathing problems, and even severe cases of cancer. Should people still tolerate factories without filters, or cars that smoke like a locomotive?

And you’ll say “Oh, It’s just the CLIMATE CHANGE”, not aware that with air pollution we tire out the ozone layer more and more every day, and get exposed to the horrible effects of radioactive and very strong sun rays.

The accumulation of waste also is a huge problem, but probably solvable. It’s a good thing to recycle. But not every country in the World has a proper recycling system, so why not invest in one.

Discharge of sewage, oil and industrial waste in the water, not only is dangerous for animals but for us too, we’ll end up drinking that water.

The desire for better fruit and veggies has taken us too far. Do we have to use pesticides every time? They pollute the tree, and the soil on which the tree grows.

So it is really time for radical measures to reduce pollution. Starting with every individual. We’ll pay a big price if we don’t do something to better the situation.

We’ll increase even more the usage of solar energy, and we will plant more trees. We will use more ecological products and clean food without pesticide.

Let’s create the right conditions for human and nature to be able to coexist in productive harmony. We can do it, you know that. And how can we do it?

Just like Morgan Freeman said in one quote, one act at a time people, one random act at a time, just do something good to help the human/nature relationship last.

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