Give me thine HEART ❤️

As a little girl, you gave your heart to the whole world

You believed the world existed in colors

So you saw the world in colors

Until one day, the colors began to fade

They turned to that which you had never seen before

It looked strange

It felt strange

It was different from the feeling you used to know

The feeling of love, warmth and acceptance

But you couldn’t identify this color

You couldn’t tell then that it was rejection

You just knew it wasn’t right

So you took your heart back

… just a bit

As you grew older, you knew your heart didn’t belong to everybody

But you still gave it away anyway.

You gave it to a group of friends

Who accepted it at first but took a good look at it again and said

“It just doesn’t fit in”

“Something about it isn’t right”

“Maybe it’s the glasses? Or maybe it’s the acne”

“We don’t want it anymore, take it back”

So you took your heart back

… just a bit

You gave it to Him

“Okay this has to be right! This is the last time” you told yourself over and over again

But then He told you it wasn’t enough

You gave Him your all

But He wasn’t satisfied

You tried all you could to please him

But he threw it back at you yelling

“I don’t want it anymore! Take it back”

You were devastated. Depressed. Tired of everything.

So you took your heart back

And this time you took it for good.

But you never gave it to me.

You never trusted me with it

You gave it to everyone and everything else but me.

I watched you through those seasons

I saw every hurt and every tear

I was with you then

I am still with you now

I will never leave you nor will I forsake you as I’ve promised

So give me your heart

That’s all I ask

And this time, you’ll never have a reason to take it back.

Give Jesus your heart today!

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