5 things the media does to manufacture outrage.
Parker Molloy

Hi Parker — Saw this via Twitter. A few thoughts for you from a guy who studied Marshall McLuhan in the late 60’s. P.T. Barnum used fights to draw crowds, which could then be informed that the circus was in town. Since news is no longer a public service the TV and radio outlets have to provide for the right to use public spectrum, and it must generate profit and not offended advertisers, true journalism has become dangerous economically. Still, fights are needed, so they are found. Micro-aggression is a term I read recently in an article from The Atlantic. The 24/7/365 sound bite news cycle isn’t oriented to in-depth treatment of issues, though there are many around. The lack of perfection in every aspect of upwardly mobile Americans I labeled “suburban latte rage” (my coffee at Starbucks was not perfect). No Twitter then for the wordsmith chance at Internet fame. “Just spell my name right” had always been guidance in the past for notoriety. In this world you need a unique global name and mental stamina. That “the wise remain hidden” is a teaching in the spiritual practice I follow. Don’t think I’ve achieved wisdom yet. With the discernment you’ve demonstrated in your article, you are a candidate. McLuhan said, “The medium is the message”. Literacy among the users of a medium is critical for understanding what is the content of a communication received and how to respond at a level that keeps the volley going at an informative pace — some true dialogue. No adrenaline rush here, so let’s move on. “Mental environments”, those we live in, pass through and create, represents a new way to understand intelligent life. Cheers!