Meditation Demystified — Part 1

So much was told on meditation. Yet so few people manage to actualize it. The meditation mantra which is kept being whispered to us, is not to try. We should not try to mediate, this is what all gurus say. We should just flow with it. But, the word flow is very in-concise. It looks like anyone who manages to meditate loses the ability to explain it to others, how in-nice of these gurus!

Most of people interested in meditation including monks and even guru’s themselves spend tens of years in trying to grab on meditation while listening to guru’s teachings. If meditation is about doing nothing why is it so complicated to describe; it shouldn’t take tens of years to explain it, it should take only 10 seconds, follow up on this man, let’s make meditation a 10 seconds journey. Instead of investing so much time on practicing, i’m not naive nor do I know you don’t have much spare time left after work, gym, family, no-one has time to meditate, especially that you can practice it and have no outcome.

The common theme or guideline in meditation is to just stop thinking, but stopping to think is an active operation and as such it's not meditating. Let the thoughts flow by. Stop the repeating voices in your mind. This is what you should follow to stop the voices in your mind: practice by 2 seconds of no mind voice (that’s you talking to yourself, isn’t that crazy that you always talk to yourself?) so you should stop talking to yourself.

Once you manage to have 2 seconds of not talking to yourself increase to 4 seconds. It’s very hard in today’s world to practice it daily. So had i been a guru I would know you don’t have that much time like me to stop talking to yourself. So find one time a week. Don’t even aim for 10 minutes of meditation this is really too hard. Aim for 4 seconds. then increase to 6 seconds.

Want to hear more? let me know! :)

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