If you’ve been following along my 2020, I’ve been doing a monthly challenge. Sober January was light work. Cold shower February? Child’s play. But March’s challenge has me legitimately nervous.

I wouldn’t label myself as an “addictive personality” but I have a few vices that give me great pleasure. Among them are a great cup of coffee, wolfing down an Italian meal suited for 4 people and binge-scrolling social media.

So it’s with great fear that I’m announcing I’m off of social media for the month of March. No Twitter, no Facebook, no (gasp!) Instagram. …


Damn, what a crazy week.

Last weekend, I conquered a fear and went skiing for the first time in 20 years (when I accidentally hit a black diamond at age 6).

On Tuesday, I dislocated my shoulder during a workout. I’m typing this solely with my right hand as my left sits in a sling.

That wouldn’t be nearly as bad if I wasn’t moving this weekend and have a half marathon on the calendar next month.

Needless to say, I was bummed earlier this week.

Then I remembered an old cliche that rings true: God (or The Universe or…


I walk down the street and wait at the crosswalk. A dusty gray van lets me go first. I wave.

Ten seconds later, just as I go across the sidewalk, I hear a loud “honk!” The hair on my arm stands at attention, my heart pumping through my chest. It was coming from the crosswalk I just passed, as two cars disagree over who had the right of way.

I shouldn’t have been that startled, I think to myself. I walk briskly to the office, with the anxiety of someone who overslept their alarm. It’s 7:00 am. I’m the first…


“We’ll begin with our 135th Anniversary Celebratory Chardonnay.” The sommelier walked around the long, wooden table to each of the ten seats and began pouring. The aroma of the wine filtered through the cave and hit on all five senses. I feel my toes curl. Man, that smells good.

I’m at a birthday party in an exclusive wine cave that should be on Chef’s Table. Did I mention that I can count the number of people I know on one hand? Yeah, that wine sounds like it would hit the spot right now.

My girlfriend looks at me, “You may…


There is a Japanese business concept, Kaizen, which means “continuous improvement.” This is the process that built Toyota Motor Company. It’s the process that ancient samurai warriors used to prepare for battle. It’s also the process that you and I can use to become better versions of ourselves.

It’s January, which means that most of us are setting resolutions that we’ll drop before The Super Bowl shows up in February. It’s easy to sit down and write down all of your goals for the upcoming year: the money you want to make, the weight you want to lose, the lifestyle…


I’ve had a lot of time over the holidays to rest, reflect and get juiced up again for the year ahead. A large part of my process is understanding the past year: Did I accomplish my goals? What were my major themes? What do I want to carry into the new year?

2019 was a banner year across most of my life “buckets” — finance/business, creativity, health, relationships, learning. …


“Who is so talented that they can afford to bring only part of themselves to bear on a problem or opportunity?”, Ryan Holiday pondered in his book “Stillness is the Key”. This rings true on multiple levels.

Who is so talented that they can afford to bring only part of themselves to bear on a problem or opportunity?

For our biggest tasks — leading a team, training for a half marathon, raising a family — we simply can’t half-ass it. We need to bring our best selves every day. …


The worst gift I ever received was during a “White Elephant” game at a Christmas party a number of years ago. After what seemed like hours of choosing and stealing gifts, I ended up with a book titled “How To Look Smarter In Meetings”.

Maybe the gift was fine.

I hated it.

The book itself wasn’t harmful, about 50 short pages filled with small, humorous tidbits about the absurdities that happen in business meetings.

It was the title that really bugged me.

Because I don’t care about “looking smart” or “seeming cool” or putting up a facade.

I want to…


I saw a post this week that illustrated how a man in India planted a tree every day for 35 years and created a forest larger than Central Park.

This feat is quite outstanding for multiple reasons.

First, it’s a selfless act. When the man began planting trees 35 years ago, he probably wasn’t sure whether or not he would personally reap these rewards of a shady tree to lay under on a hot summer’s day. Because, well, trees take a long time to grow. Who knew what life would have in store for him?

Second, it’s massively consistent. I…

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It’s the holidays. The time of year to give gifts, to have fun, and invest in relationships.

Let’s not forget to take some of that downtime to invest in ourselves. Over the years, I’ve found no investment that pays off like reading the right book at the right time.

Whether you’re a voracious reader or are still working on the same book since summertime, it doesn’t matter. We can all probably spend more time learning and opening our minds.

Here are some of the best books I’ve read in 2019 that I strongly recommend for anyone looking to improve themselves…

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