Well, here I am. Back in the Blogosphere.

I love writing.

Well, that seemed like an appropriate way to introduce myself. The name’s Tom and yes, I really enjoy writing. It’s my day job, I write fiction in my spare time and I used to dabble in a bit of journalism. I miss the latter. I’ve tried Tumblr, but it kind of makes me feel like a twelve year old. Letterboxd is great when it comes to film reviews, but I don’t exclusively enjoy film. I’m not sure Medium is the answer, but a friend brought it to my attention and it seems to have a mature, ‘professional’ demeanor that works for me.

So, should I deem this ‘medium’ (haha, the wit) suitable for my musings, this may be the new home of my ramblings and reviews. I’m a massive media junkie and that fix never seems quite satiated, so that’s what I’ll be covering. Films, television, and games. Not necessarily in that priority, but possibly.

I hope you enjoy my self indulgent ravings about what I think is good or not. You may disagree with me but I hope you do so passionately.