· NiftyBills are created with authentic banknote design protocols, including guilloche patterns, genuine typeface, and banknote industry standards.

· The variable elements of NiftyBills are designed to be both true to genuine currency, and also offer exciting rarity dynamics for collectors.

· 9,999 NiftyBills will be dropped.

· NiftyBills will…

What is success? Is money success? Money is the major limiting factor in our lives, which makes it a contentious measure of success. To say it isn’t so seems to ignore our dependency on money. But to say that money=success would unfairly imply that the starving millions are failures.


I had a very specific art plan for 2020, which in spite of everything, is on track. I wanted to take my techniques to beyond portraiture, beyond the banknote format, to make huge, ambitious, detailed art. I’m pleased to say, September will be the month where I reach my goal.

“…Only once. Only once can I, or shall I let you get away with that”.

1. Innocence

The thing that characterizes cryptoart and the rare digital art/collectible space, in its present form, is innocence. Anything in its early stages is filled with hope and promise, and a sense of pioneering fresh, unexplored space. …

Last day of June, first day of July, a new quarter, the middle of 2020 — the perfect moment for a timely update. Let’s play a game: a variation of ‘rock-paper-scissors’… It’s ‘Bitcoin-$Paper-Gold’ …

Las Parabolas


I have the green light to print my Las Parabolas…


$PAPER is a social currency with three elements: THE TOKEN


$PAPER token is a digital social token, with an issue limit of 10,000,000. Aside from an initial pool, 6.8 million $PAPER will be released over 3 years, in monthly tranches.


$PAPER NFTs are digitally…

2016 Version

View new work on SuperRare here: https://superrare.co/tombadley

The full meaning of my work isn’t yet known. You can’t see the full picture yet… I consciously make art from a place of knowing — to some extent — the future. I reach into the future and grab my ideas from there…

A masterpiece is a work of art of “outstanding creativity, skill, profundity, or workmanship”. Not all creators aspire to make masterpieces, but I do — I believe that life is to be lived constructively, and that means committing to excellence. How high can excellence go and to to what lengths…

Teaser of $PAPER

I’m excited to share updates on the progress of new projects…


First, my new social token, launching soon! $PAPER will be a ‘physically-backed’ social currency like no other — both the embodiment of my art, my process, and my continuing project to encourage crypto adoption, in a collaborative format.

The age of modesty, sincerity and grace is here! Welcome!

There were many paths, but the destination was certain. A global pandemic forces isolated Humans to consider what they truly value, and quarantine becomes a time of introspection and deeper connection to each one’s personal truth. …

Tom Badley

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