PixelMe was acquired for $753,000 for 2.69x ARR by Carbon6.io

The Details

  • Purchase Price: $753,000 in cash
  • ARR: $280,000
  • Multiple: ~2.69x ARR
  • Buyer: Carbon6.io (SaaS Ecosystem for Amazon Sellers)
  • Close Date: October 2021
  • Payment Structure: 3 payments (at close, 6 months & 12 months)

FE International — Professional M&A Advisor

  1. I completed a questionnaire to proceed to the first valuation.
  2. Then questionnaires to follow-up with FE.
  3. Ismael sent me the valuation of PixelMe at $753,032
  4. We did an operational and financial due diligence
  5. FE created a prospectus presentation of PixelMe
  6. And we finally launched PixelMe into the listing

Carbon6, the perfect buyer for PixelMe

The french 🇫🇷 (not fun) part of the acquisition

What’s next for PixelMe?

What’s next for me?



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Tom Benattar

Co-founder & CEO @pixelme (acq. by Carbon6.io) | Ex. Co-Founder & CEO @saasinvaders (acq.)