My journey with Neil Patel to 100.000 visitors (#1 Post)

and $100.000 turnover per month

Small correction, I am not really doing this with Neil but I am working with his team. I have booked one of his consulting services and they do not know that I sort of added this challenge.

Neil’s course looks pretty decent so far and they are actually following up with my progress. That is cool and good. I will know more after my first consulting session.

100k challenge

I am also following his 100k challenge on Not that he gives everything away but he provides good insights and it should help. The claim is that everyone can do it!

Just saw that Alexander James does the same thing and I will keep an eye on him. Check it out here. I will see what approach he will follow. He definitely has a headstart in terms of twitter followers. Some 2700 against my 31…

Maybe that is more a challenge for Neil’s team. I will tell them!

That is what we want. Revenue and high margin!

But everyone can do it

I would consider myself everyone enough. Father with two kids from two marriages. Decent job in the IT industry on middle management level.

This is a side project for me. I understand one needs to invest sufficient time and I will do my best to make that happen. Family is aligned but my office job has to go on. That feeds us so it will take priority. I think that is what most people will face.

What makes this even more interesting is that I do not live in the US and I am not a native English speaker — I guess you already noticed that.

Writing is not my passion

On the other hand I am usually pretty good at getting things done and disciplined. But then writing is not a real passion. So I really wonder where that will leave myself.

I am giving my best but getting 2000 words out… Phew! Anyone fancies working on this part with me, be my guest.

Until then I will follow Neil’s advice that with practice writing will improve. You as the reader will be the judge of it.

What is my starting point?

So in case you were wondering. At the moment I am maybe trying to do too much,

  • Creating the product a bit (but I am not sure that is what my audience really wants). So not putting too much emphasis on it.
  • Following the consulting course with Neil to define what my site, customers etc. are all about and
  • trying to build up some sort of followership.

And I forgot. I love the whole startup thing and I love efficiency. So I want to build something high quality that makes founding easier.

That plus family, plus work. That is a bit.

Did I mention that a friend of mine is building a fitness startup and I am meeting with him regularly and I have a mastermind group.

I might have taken on a bit too much but you will see what I need to drop during the next weeks or months.

100.000 within 1 year

So the only thing I can say here now is that I hope that I do not have to change the title to 100,000 within 10 years.

Until then, wait for my next update!

Oh and the site I am building is MAKEROF.CLUB.

Register yourself there if you want to know more in detail about the product being built.

Until next time

PS: Not my real name as I have a day job. You can contact me any time at

PPS: I hope the below is not true. Fingers crossed.