The One Super Skill Every Founder Should Have — Duct Tape

Why Duct Tape is the Most Important Founder Skill

by Tom Blondies

10 Skills a Founding Team Should Have

Paul Graham said that founders should be “Relentlessly Resourceful”.

You will not often find all qualities in one founder. That is the main reason why teams in most cases perform better. That is also why they should complement each other.

So let’s see how many you have covered.

Skill 1: Do It

The difference between thinking about it and actually doing something that moves your idea forward.

Remember! “No plan survives first contact with customers”. So you are most probably in for a surprise. Rather face it earlier than later.

Finally this skill also includes finishing a task. Seems lots of people forget this.

Skill 2: First Things First

Are you doing the right things, even if they are uncomfortable?

Great quote from Steven Covey on the topic.

“Doing more things faster is no substitute for doing the right things.” Steven Covey — Click to Tweet

Skill 3: Brutal Honesty

Be honest with yourself and accept what others tell you. Your idea can be off track or you are not pushing enough.

Do you listen to your customers? Do you actually have some real customers or should you go look for some?

Avoid finding excuses. Be honest and then apply skills 1 and 2.

Skill 4: Be Passionate

Make the others feel how important this is and how much you enjoy it. Only with passion will come a vision that others will follow.

Be honest to yourself if the idea is not your thing. It is better to get out now.

Skill 5: Have fun

No one likes to work with a grumpy old man or woman!

Skill 6: Ask and Listen

To your customer and smart people.

Remember if you don’t ask for it, you probably won’t get it. Be honest and smart to ask the right people. Then listen.

Skill 7: Be smart

About almost everything else.

Be smart about asking the right people for help. When to break a rule not the law.

Skill 8: Learn

Always be learning and be ready to improve.

Skill 9: Be creative

You will face so many new situations and new challenges that you will need to be constantly creative to sort them out.

Skill 10: Perseverance

Sometimes you just need to march on no matter what.

Skill 11: Delegate and Trust

Trust others. Let go of responsibilities that are not yours. Do not trust blindly.

Superskill: Duct Tape

Now you need that to glue all this together.

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