4 of 4 Benefits of the Cannabis Industry: An Embattled Marriage; Technology and Cannabis

Cannabis and technology have had a tumultuous relationship. From the disgusting overtures displayed in Reefer Madness to the comedy classics like Half-Baked with David Chappelle, cannabis has had a love-hate relationship with the film industry. In the tech realm, there have been advances in cannabis-consuming devices and Sweden once confiscated 1.2 tons of cannabis using Google Earth as their intel. To say the least: for cannabis and technology, it’s been a roller coaster ride.

In this article, we’ll go further in depth about the current state regarding cannabis and technology.

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420-friendly lodging.

In states like Colorado and Oregon, cannabis has been legalized for recreational use. As a result, cannabis-related tourism has been on the rise. With people crossing State lines to enjoy a legalized vice that may still be illegal in their own state, there has been increased demand for lodging that caters to cannabis users. Thus, Tripping.com currently lists about 8 million properties, many of which use searchable terms such as ‘420’ and ‘420-friendly’ to attract customers.

With the use of the Internet, people have been opening their doors to share their love for cannabis with strangers.

Cannabis foodies and how they interact.

Almost everyone on Earth likes to eat, but some people love to eat with cannabis. Consequently, cannabis users have been using an app called Foodhigh.club to share their reviews about the best places to eat after consuming cannabis. This app fills a niche in the cannabis market the same way a can of Pringles fills a hungry belly with the munchies: it gives cannabis consumers what they want.

DIY systems for cannabis in the home.

Many cannabis users prefer to keep their usage discrete. This means growing, curing, consuming, and even cooking the cannabis at home. This affinity for discretion has opened the market for cannabis technology on the private scale.

To begin with, grow systems are becoming more and more technologically advanced. From modest beginnings made of tents and lights, in-home grow systems have become marvels of technology. For example, Leaf has created a plug and plant grow system that does almost all the work for you. From automatically monitoring the nutrient levels to adjusting the light cycles to ventilating the environment, Leaf’s top end grow box lets the busy cannabis consumer sit back and relax while it grows their plants for them.

Furthermore, for those who wish to cook in the home, creating a tasty cannabis butter is the first hurdle. With cannabutter machines on the rise, cannabis chefs need only to mix their buds, butter, and a few herbs into the machine and out comes a delicious cannabis butter. With that, they can bake brownies or cookies, put it on toast, or cook whatever they wish in it.

One of the most significant trends in cannabis use these days is vaporizing instead of smoking. This is accomplished with the use of a vape pen. Traditionally, vape pens are indiscreet, sometimes even flashy. Now, however, vape pens are becoming more discrete, and some can be connected to your smartphone and controlled by an app. People prefer to use this style of cannabis consumption because it is not as obvious what you are consuming as compared to smoking a joint for lighting a bowl.

The cannabis and technology marriage.

Sometimes it’s love, sometimes it’s hate, but for better or worse cannabis and technology have been inexorably paired. With no turning back, the cannabis technology industry will undoubtedly expand. With each expansion, will come more niches to fill and consumers to satisfy.

From connecting hosts with tourists on websites to helping each other find the best food over apps to giving cannabis users their privacy they desire, customer satisfaction is already high.