Governor Cuomo’s Major Milestones for New York Infrastructure Projects

Rebuilding America’s infrastructure is a critical pillar of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s agenda to promote job creation and grow the New York economy. Our infrastructure has fallen into disrepair and that is unacceptable. Every New Yorker depends on our roads, rails, ports, and airports. The Governor is committed to fixing these problems, and is committed to leaving New York a better place for future generations. Yesterday, the Governor was in New York City to provide and update to the State’s $100 Billion infrastructure initiative.

Major projects and takeaways:

  • The Tappan Zee Bridge replacement is a two-span bridge for two-way traffic over the Hudson River. One span of the new bridge is slated to open for traffic in the Fall of 2017.
  • Fixes and improvements to roads and bridges are to cost $22 billion. These will be maintained by the Federal Department of Transportation and local governments, with about $2 billion diverted to the state Thruway Authority. The current operating budget includes $5 billion, next year’s budget includes another proposed $5 billion. The rest distributed between 2018, 2019, and 2020 budgets.
  • The $20 billion Gateway Tunnel rail connection between New Jersey and New York City will take decades to complete and is long-term budgeted as well, financed largely by the federal government and the Port Authority, but counted in Cuomo’s $100 billion figures.
  • John F. Kennedy Airport Renovation will improve the airport and surrounding roadways at a cost of some $10 billion. Terminals will be unified (instead of being in separate and distant structures). Direct transit links are included in the plan.
  • La Guardia revamping will cost $4 billion. Much of the money will come from the airlines themselves. La Guardia projects began in June 2016. It will include new bus routes, easier access to Grand Central Parkway, more parking and better taxi access. New “flight centers” and gateways will improve access to flights. Half the new gateways in Terminal B will be open in 2018.
  • Moynihan Train Hall and improvements to Pennsylvania Station will cost over $500 million that will be borrowed from the Federal Government. The station will move away from its current basement location under Madison Square Garden, across 8th Avenue to the classic General Post Office (now called the Farley Building) with its 10 story high, acre-wide domed glass ceiling, and 112,000 square feet of retail and dining space. At a total of 250,000 square feet it will be twice the current size of the much praised Penn Station.
  • “Broadband for All” is Cuomo’s ambitious plan to make New York State “one of the most aggressive broadband expansions in the country.” The plan is to stem any losses a private company may incur bringing broadband to remote areas by a process of “reverse auction.” Private companies are already engaged in threading fiber optic cables along country roads to bring high-speed internet to rural communities. The project is slated to cost around $500 million and reach completion in 2018.

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