Lobbying Disrupted

In New York City’s hyper-competitive environment, working hard and knowing the right people is no longer enough to get the job done. We now live in a world with exponential complexity and dizzying speed. A world that offers a 24 hours news cycle crammed with 48 hours worth of content, being digitized, and sent to you on multiple devices simultaneously. A world where standing out is more important than fitting in. How has this influenced the lobbying and consulting industry?

First, no matter how successful things were in the past, eventually external factors will change and just doing things the same way will result in failure. That is true of lobbying and consulting alike. You could even say that traditional lobbying and consulting should be dead, and using the same practices will result in failure.

It is time to focus on doing something different — something better in the new world of lobbying and strategic consulting. Although, there may always be a place for smaller lobbying firms soly based on relationships with a niche focus, the truth is, the way to find success is to use larger and more sophisticated disruptors like Capalino and Company. Firms with depth that have the ability to operate in a world influenced by a 24-hour news cycle, and are advanced enough to take advantage of the newest technology, leverage digital media and build the most experience team in the field today.

Lobbying and consulting is no longer based on only who you know, it is based on understanding the people who make decisions, depth of an issue and how to utilize next-level messaging tactics rooted in the latest theories around decision making. In the past, if you wanted to find a great lobbyist or consultant you had to find an expert in a particular field, or the person with the right relationship. Now you can simply turn to Capalino + Company, the only one-stop-shop in New York City for both lobbying and strategic consulting. We have a greater depth of knowledge, understanding, and experience than any other firm, and that is why we have been labeled a disruptor in the industry. I often hear, “wow, you are not just a lobbying firm” from our clients. Additionally, part of our breadth of experience and knowledge stems from former New York City Commissioners and Directors who work for and with us. We also have experts in the environment, energy, technology, healthcare, finance, nonprofits, social impact, real estate and growing.

Capalino + Company doesn’t just work for you. Our strategy is to become integrated with your business and become a part of your team. Our approach is how we truly understand your company, and what it means to succeed in the market.

We used this approach to successfully work with BYD, the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world . They needed to get a foothold in the East Coast electric vehicle market, and we are helping them accomplish their goals. We have also helped CNIGuard, a company responsible for monitoring critical national infrastructure globally establish their presence in the United States. They too are seeing their presence in New York, and in America grow. We are proud to say they hired their first U.S. based CEO over a year ago.

Use our experience to guide your business, agency, or organization to succeed in this noisy marketplace. Find out why we are the top government relations and strategic consulting firm in New York City, and the only place you will need to help you achieve not only success but sustainable success.