Saying The Right Thing First
Andrew Ellard

I like the analogy and it got me thinking about script writing today when listening to a playlist I’d compiled…

I wondered if maybe there’s even more in this. It struck me just how long it takes Elton John’s Tiny Dancer to get to the chorus. Two minutes 37 to be precise. And for me it’s far too much build up. Too much backstory. Got me thinking about watching Terminator Genisys and just how long it takes them to actually introduce the plot (*spoiler alert — it’s about a fortnight). Perhaps the chorus is the plot… And surely timing it’s introduction is key to gaining the interest and attention of your audience? Personally I’d hold up The Beach Boys’ Good Vibration as the best example structure-wise. Chorus in at 25 seconds and the whole thing done in a little over three and a half minutes.

I’m not sure how far we can take this analogy, but I don’t know many songs that wouldn’t be improved with a theremin solo…

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