Pascal’s wager dictates that you do no harm to yourself or others by voting for HRC and not Jill Stein
Hillary Clinton and Pascal’s Wager
Laurel Brett

It seems to me that the only motive to vote for a Green Party presidential candidate is precisely because their fantastical ideas are destined by design to forever remain untested within the nebulous sphere of pure conjecture, leaving their supporters spotlessly blameless for all the wrong in the world. Unlike Hillary and her supporters who are burdened with reconciling actual policy decisions with real-world results, Jill Stein and her supporters risk nothing while blithely dreaming up utopian castles in the clouds. What Greens fail to realize is that voting for an unrealistic candidate doesn’t absolve them of blame for their country’s failings, because by effectively silencing their own voices they’ve granted greater decision-making power to those whose political views are most divergent from their own.