I highly doubt President Obama knew how insecure her private server was, but I do believe it looks like he blindly trusted Hillary when he shouldn’t have.
E-mail “truthers” huh?
Trent Lapinski

Man, Trent. There’s just no end to the rabbit hole of crazy with you. Your theory has so many obvious holes I can’t tell if personal bias is compelling you to defend this absurd narrative or if you lack the mental capacity to recognize its lunacy.

Here are a few examples of your logical leaps and flights of fancy:

  • You contend that Hillary Clinton is a world-class mastermind capable of manipulating the Obama administration and about 6 major conglomerates comprising the main stream media into supporting her presidential campaign, but then claim she’s too dumb to understand the simple concept that a secure email network is better protected than an unsecured network. Somehow Hillary is both a genius and an idiot at the same time.
  • You characterize WikiLeaks as the paragon of objective journalism as if you’re incapable of discerning its stated political agenda to derail Hillary’s presidential run. You ignore the mounting evidence that the party responsible for providing WikiLeaks with hacked emails is the Russian government. And you’re more interested in imagining a smoking gun in Hillary’s emails than considering the real-life possibility of an Assange-Putin-Trump conspiracy.
  • You claim to understand government classified email networks but still think that a President and Secretary of State would communicate matters of major public importance through an unsecured network. You’re still failing to comprehend that internal correspondence at that level of government are routinely transmitted through encrypted networks. If Hillary and Obama wanted to hatch some nefarious plot in an email thread they could have easily done so through their secure email accounts without anyone ever being the wiser.