Bernie justifiably attacked Hillary on the right issues, that’s what candidates do in elections.
R. Yarsky

Okay, let’s just pretend for the sake of argument that everything you say about Hillary is true. She stole the primary, she’s a Wall Street puppet, she’s a warmongering neoliberal, etcetera, etcetera. So where’s the percentage in making the entire election a referendum on Hillary?

This was a losing gambit for everyone on the left: Hillary lost the presidency, Russ lost his senate seat, and Bernie lost the chair of the budget committee. There’s no direct path from this routing of the Democrats to Medicare-for-all. Republicans have complete dominion to roll back every progressive accomplishment since the 1930’s. This setback will take years, maybe decades, to overcome.

Bernie and his naive supporters clearly didn’t consider the consequences of their actions. The top priority of this election should have been stopping Trump, not punishing Hillary. By creating an irreparable schism on the left-wing, Bernie ruined decades of social progress and handed the presidency to a tyrant.

Results matter.