There’s a reason for the phrase “Lies. Damn lies, and statistics.”
Lizzie Maldonado 🌹

So much obfuscation to avoid the simple truth that abandoning the Democrats just helps the Republicans. Anyone can come up with a million-and-one reasons to justify their actions. People are extremely good at this. But it doesn’t change the fact that the worst possible strategy for achieving any of the results you want is to hand the presidency to Donald Trump.

It seems to me that the source of your disillusionment with the Democrats is your unrealistic expectations of a president. You bought into the hype that Obama was some kind of savior who would fix all the wrongs in the world with his exceptional community organizing abilities, and then were disappointed when he turned out to be the under-prepared consensus-seeking center-left politician he always was. Rather than recognizing your mistake in thinking a single elected official could possibly solve so many problems of planetary-level scope and magnitude by himself, you’re compounding the error by once again seeking a candidate offering a “silver bullet” cure-all solution. While most of the electorate understands that an election is a process for hiring an effective public servant, you and your ilk insist on shopping for a snake-oil salesman.

Of course, I’m not criticizing you personally, Lizzie. The Millennial generation is huge and young, so their impetuous clamor for immediate, revolutionary change will chill in time, giving way to an appreciation for stability (the most fundamental purpose of government). As the compromises inherent in adulthood soften their outlook they’ll realize (hopefully sooner than later) that electing a powerful leader with a proven record of liberal achievements to the highest political office is the best possible strategy progressives can hope for, despite her perceived faults.