The Green Party doesn’t either or else they would work with Democrats — the only party that has a change to stop Trump — instead of trying to portray every candidate as “Evil” except for habitual election loser, Dr Jill.
Sorry Gavin Polone, I Can’t Waste Time Worrying About What Another Privileged White Man Thinks…
Sasha Stone

Such a powerful point that in siphoning off votes from Democrats, the Green Party is effectively abetting environmental catastrophe. The Green party platform overwhelmingly intersects with the Democratic party platform, with the major difference between the two being that the Dems have a viable nominee while the Greens most definitely do not. Dr Jill supporters are playing the same game of holier-than-thou self-righteousness previously encountered so often with Bernie fanboys, placing their irrational impulse to vilify Hillary above the needs of millions of human beings.