It is. We don’t have to pretend, just acknowledge the truth.
R. Yarsky

It’s like everything I’m saying is going right over head. It’s honestly amazing.

That’s because you and I live in two different realities. In your world, Bernie and his people can cast aspersions for months on end and give grudging endorsements, the whole while pretending that none of their behavior created drag on the momentum of Hillary’s campaign. But I live in the world of cause and effect where actions have consequences, where petty squabbling carrying on long after the primaries, even past the general election, creates an opening for the opposition to divide-and-conquer his way to victory.

There was never any political advantage to be gained by the incessant bad-mouthing of Hillary that’s still coming from Bernie supporters. You all could have focused your efforts on pulling the party to the left as was your stated intent, but instead chose to vindictively undermine her campaign. And then when she did lose you all couldn’t wait to rub our noses in it with a loud chorus of “I told you so”. Even though you got the result you wanted all along.

The Bernie bros chose punishment over progress to the detriment of our country. I hope you all learn to regret that decision as much as I do.