It isn’t difficult for me to imagine Ralph making the same choice.
Brendon Carpenter

There you go again, Brendon, parroting the GOP talking points that Hillary is “corrupt” and a “liar”. As much as I appreciate the Green Party for trying to shake up the political establishment, and I do agree with a lot of their platform, I fault them for picking the wrong fight.

Democrats are struggling to keep government out of the hands of complete and total maniacs, yet the Greens opportunistically wait for the hoopla of a presidential election to join with the multi-billion dollar GOP propaganda machine in attacking Democrats. But the Green Party can’t offer a viable alternative to the Democratic Party, as much as they like to pretend otherwise. They have no seasoned political leaders whatsoever, no policy experts, absolutely no officeholders in any state or federal government to advance their policies. The only result that the Green Party can possibly hope to achieve is to help Republicans win elections by peeling off votes from Democrats.

The problem with the Green Party isn’t their intentions but their deeds. Activism is vital to good government, but it needs to be an entirely separate practice from voting. Holding our elected officials accountable is undoubtedly an important component of freedom, but even more important is electing candidates who are capable, reasonable, and humane.