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An open letter to President Barack Obama
Jennifer Kelley

Yes, please begin to aggressively educate your mind because you’re clearly so misinformed it may take years of study to deprogram your brain. Here are some links to help you acquaint yourself with actual facts:

When the exit polling coming out in half of the states did not match the tallies being reported

Exit polling is often misleading.

When the media prematurely included super delegates in their counts

Superdelegates are known individuals who can choose to publicly endorse a particular candidate. If a superdelegate declares whom they intend to vote for, there’s no reason not to take them at their word.

Bill Clinton campaigned at several polling locations

Mr. Clinton’s appearance at Massachusetts polling locations to greet volunteers cannot reasonably be construed as a factor on the voting results. The Sanders campaign’s insinuations of malfeasance is a classic example of the dirty politics the Clintons have endured for decades, albeit usually from Republicans, not from fellow Democrats.

The Democratic Party is the most corrupt organization in American history.

Please consider the brutal activities of organized crime before resorting to ridiculous hyperbole.

Between then and this primary election I did not vote once.

The abstention of bandwagon voters like you from the 2010 and 2014 elections allowed the Tea Party free reign to hijack Congress. Because of the subsequent gerrymandering in favor of conservatives, the GOP may well control the House until 2020 and beyond. Strong work failing to back up the President, but then having the gall to complain about him not doing enough.