Let me correct you on a few things using facts, something to which you seem allergic:
Andrew Endymion

Yes, please keep reciting the same old talking points like a disease-spreading cockroach. There’s no discourse to be had here because you people will say anything that supports your cult-like devotion. Bernie and his bots have decided that stubbornness is a virtue, petulance has merit, that you’ll eventually get your way if you throw a big enough hissy fit. This is your religion, a devotion to throwing tantrums. And Bernie is your messiah, a man who’s only qualification is that he somehow lived 75 years as an entitled man-child.

So you’ve only left us one option to deal with you. Like any good parent responding to a bratty two-year-old, we must ignore you. Let you rage and complain and scream and throw yourself on the floor until you’ve worn yourself out. And when you finally realize that no one is going to capitulate to your demands, maybe you’ll realize that you’re only hurting yourself.