How Bad Do You Want It?

What do you want? To lose weight, read more, meet new friends, try a new career, travel the world, start a blog…?

Everything has a price. Are you prepared to pay that price in full to get what you want? Are you prepared to sweat, bleed and toil night and day to get it? Are you prepared to sweat, bleed and toil for the rest of your life to keep it?

If you’ve wanted something for a while and you haven’t got it, here’s why: You don’t want it bad enough. You’re not prepared to pay the price.

Let me explain:

You’re trying to get fit and you didn’t go to the gym when you could have. If I had offered you a Million Pounds to have gone to the gym, would you have gone? Of course you would have. Suddenly, your desire to go to the gym outweighs your reluctance/laziness/rationalisations etc. You now want it bad enough. The price of effort is worth it to get the Million Pounds. It wasn’t when it was just to get fitter.

The question is how to get yourself to want it bad enough, how to be willing to pay the price? The way to do this is to create motivation by upping the stakes.

Maybe though, you just don’t want it bad enough and you’re not willing to pay the price. If that’s the case, let it go. Don’t fool yourself into believing you’ll get it ‘one day’.

“I’ll start tomorrow” is where dreams go to die.