The Fastest Way To Learn Anything

I’m always learning. It’s one of the main focuses of my life. I suppose you could call me insatiable. It’s why I love reading so much. All that knowledge and wisdom condensed, refined and perfectly packaged for me to consume and apply? Yes please.

Everything in life is a balancing act though. Too much learning can be a bad thing if our learning outstrips our ability to apply what we’ve learnt. As Einstein famously said:

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”

Until we apply what we learn, it’s merely information. It’s the act of using information that transforms it into real knowledge. Information is worthless if unapplied. Knowledge and experience is what we really want.

There’s no shortcut to gaining experience. It takes time. However, by utilising information, we’re able to determine the most valuable experiences to expose ourselves to. We also acquire the toolkit before the event. This helps speed up the process.

Sometimes I get carried away acquiring knowledge and don’t fully follow through with the application of it. So do you. So does everyone. We’re all busy learning the new health science or diet, but we haven’t fully followed through on reducing our biscuit/chocolate/wine intake. We know what we should do, but we don’t do it. Doing it is the hard part.

So we keep learning better ways to do what we know we should. At some point though, we’ve just got to do it. Otherwise we’re constantly learning, but never improving.

How many productivity hack articles have you read? Too many. Me too. We look for the easy answer when there is none. Once we know the basics of how to be productive (which we do), the best way to move forward is to stop learning and start applying. To turn off the damn notifications and do the work.

Stop ‘learning’. Stop ‘researching’. Start applying what you already know.

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