The Truth VS The Largest Megaphone

Often the truth is obscured by whoever possesses the largest megaphone.

95% of US elections are won by whoever spends the most money.

People take the professional appearance of authority of the news channels as a representation of their impartiality. When in reality, there is no such thing as a fair or impartial news outlet. They all have an agenda.

When individuals are attacked or slandered, the side with the larger megaphone is often seen to be in the right. Inevitably, they are able convince more people of their version of events.

In this instance, the smaller megaphone would sometimes do best to simply say nothing. Anything they do say will add fuel to the fire and give the larger megaphone ammunition which they can twist and re-purpose to further their own agenda. Don’t take the small megaphone’s silence as an admission of guilt. They might just be refusing to give the larger megaphone fuel and ammunition.

History is written by the victors. — Winston Churchill

When there’s a widely held but false belief or idea, we call it a ‘Myth’. The problem is, it’s only called a myth once it’s no longer widely held. That’s why when we talk about myths, we’re mostly referring to history. But make no mistake, our time is riddled with unseen myths.

Next time you vote, next time you judge an organisation or an individual, take the time to listen to the smaller megaphone.