From Flood, R. and Jackson, M. (1993) Creative problem solving: Total systems intervention. Wiley. Fig 1.1, pp. 6 found in Think NPC’s — Systems change: A guide to what it is and how to do it (download link below)

The “crisis within a crisis” moment we are living through right now, rising up against white supremacy and anti-black racism in the midst of a global pandemic, is a testament to how complex and downright systemic the problems we face have become.

More than ever, progressive organizers see the wisdom of aiming for big changes — systems-wide changes — to secure a more just, caring and sustainable world into the future.

And as we grapple with all of this, it just so turns out that the awesome volunteer crew at Blueprints for Change, along with friends at Mobilisation Lab, have…

Tom Liacas

Progressive power builder. Founding bottom-liner of Blueprints for Change + Senior Strategist at NetChange Consulting. More bio stuff:

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