• Geeks and Com'

    Geeks and Com'

    Blog-note sur la communication, le marketing, les nouvelles technologies et bien d’autres choses encore... Animé par @bchamontin @ludodivx @AlexBoileau

  • Sean Melvin

    Sean Melvin

    Law Firm Finance Systems Consultant and Lecturer - tweet weekly about things that interest me and hopefully you. I DON'T BUY TWITTER FOLLOWERS!

  • Joiakim Tuil

    Joiakim Tuil

    PR Consultant in a digital world | Consulting Director | Publicis Consultants @NetIntelligenz | @msl_group

  • Jinyoung Park

    Jinyoung Park

  • Shannon M

    Shannon M

    UT Dallas MA EMAC graduate student Opinions expressed here are my own.

  • Jean-Francois Pascal

    Jean-Francois Pascal

    Enseignant, plume, entrepreneur… Aujourd'hui consultant et communicant. Une page où il n'est question que de politique !

  • Bill Baue

    Bill Baue

    Catalyzing systems change toward thrivance. Co-Founder http://r3–0.org/ http://SustyContext.org http://currnt.com/ https://www.cchange.net/

  • Sophia Karakeva

    Sophia Karakeva

    Media thinker, communication believer, an@lysis enthusiast. CMO at ‏@DataScouting; MarComm Commissioner at @_FIBEP

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