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  • Joe Brindle

    Joe Brindle

    I am an 18-year-old digital campaigner and web designer. I work to use the power of the internet to help progressive causes — joebrindle.uk

  • Hussan, S.K.

    Hussan, S.K.

    an eclectic blog selection on things that move me to write

  • Movement Catalyst

    Movement Catalyst

    Movement Catalyst is a social movement support hub based in Washington, D.C. working nationally and locally.

  • @DFRLab


    @AtlanticCouncil's Digital Forensic Research Lab. Catalyzing a global network of digital forensic researchers, following conflicts in real time.

  • Louis Ramírez

    Louis Ramírez

    Philosophy graduate working in the Climate Emergency Movement.

  • Momentum Community

    Momentum Community

    Momentum is a training institute and movement incubator. We give progressive organizers tools and frameworks to build massive, decentralized social movements.

  • Jayati Doshi

    Jayati Doshi

    Story-curator. Facilitator. Wondering about collective sensemaking, stories, love, belonging & questions that have no complete answers. https://jayatidoshi.com/

  • Dave Algoso

    Dave Algoso

    Social change. Strategist, facilitator, researcher, writer. https://open-colab.org

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