We were on opposite sides in the primary. But here’s why we’re coming together for Tom Perez:

By Matt Berg, former director of delegates for Bernie 2016, and David Huynh, former director of delegates for Hillary for America

We were on opposite sides during the primary — one of us worked for Bernie Sanders and the other worked for Hillary Clinton. But as we have watched the race for Democratic Party Chair unfold, we’ve come to the common understanding that we must move forward and unite around a candidate who not only shares the same progressive values that we fought for, but is also the turnaround artist needed to get the Democratic Party back on track. That’s why we’re both supporting Tom Perez.

Rebuilding the Democratic Party will be a tough challenge, and we know Tom can get it done. No matter who you supported in the primary, the Democratic Party needs a culture change and a turnaround specialist at the top. That’s what Tom’s been doing his whole career, and it’s why we’re excited to support his candidacy.

We need a leader who will walk into a room and see not Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters, but Democrats, new and old, united around the common cause of defeating Donald Trump and the Republican agenda. We also need a leader who will welcome new members into the party with open arms — who is willing to listen to anyone, whether brand new to the party, or someone who has been active for decades.

During the campaign, Tom has shown that he will be this type of leader. He has been traveling the country and listening to your ideas because he understands that turning this party around will take the support and investment from every single one of you. He’s the real deal, and we would love to talk to you more about why he’s the best person to lead our party.

Join us in supporting Tom Perez, a progressive champion and the hardest worker we know.