Bill Cosby: In Trumpland

It’s easy in the climate of Donald Trump’s fake-news spin, fact denying, privilege based alternate reality to become lost in the midst of all the organized chaos. This is something that is designed to happen. Some will sink through this, while others will swim. Bill Cosby is swimming, and swimming for his life. Mr. Cosby spent a good part of his now tainted career dedicated to self preservation, through condemning others and receiving the moral superiority that fed his own (then private) demons. One would think the Bill Cosby of 2017, fresh off a mistrial of one, of the more than 50 women that have stated he sexually assaulted them, would be forced to give up all hope of redemption. But why should he? Bill Cosby has taken the temperature in Trumpland, and the climate tells him that he indeed can return to the moral hierarchy, because our country has told him so. Because most importantly, as our eventual commander in chief once eloquently put it, “when you’re a star, they let you do it”.

In a move filled with as much irony as maybe only our current President could rival, Mr. Cosby’s representative, Andrew Wyatt announced that Cosby is planning on traveling around the country to hold town-hall-like events on educating men about the dangers of being accused of sexual assault. The Cosby camp didn’t stop there, adding this: “People need to be educated on a brush against the shoulder, ‘Anything at this point can be considered sexual assault’.”. Cosby himself has taken to twitter to address his version of the truth, mainly through planned statements of others, including his wife Camille Cosby, condemning the “vicious” hunt against her husband by the courts, media, and his accusers. Mr. Cosby’s staunchest ally has always been Mrs. Cosby, in her attempts to normalize the mischaracterization of over 50 women as liars.

The oblivious audacity it takes to release such a plan of attack against the blinding truth of a situation, to demean such an issue, and last but certainly not least, to blur the line between common sense vs. trolling, is a clear page from our president’s campaign crusades, PR playbook, and yes, winning strategies.

Like Trump, and learning from him, Cosby sees an opportunity; by setting his sights on a war with facts, and a war with the media. He plans to achieve this victory by touring our great states, where there are sure to be small but ample crowds of people to make impressionable statements upon, while creating the fictional narrative he wants, no matter the absurdity. It is up to all of us to recognize this and let it be known, before the alternate reality soon becomes the actual. One could argue, we aren’t that far away. We’re already there.