Help me investigate the tech for social-impact sector in Berlin

This isn’t really a blog post, it’s more of a statement of intent and a request for assistance.

I’ve come to Berlin for a couple of weeks with one goal in mind: to find out what’s happening here in the world of people trying to use tech for social impact purposes. If my investigations are successful, I’m planning to write up a summary article to get some of the interesting stories out beyond the german language internet.

I need all the help I can meeting people, especially since some of the areas I’m interested in are quite outside my background experience. They include:

  • Education tech
  • Hacktivism
  • Insurgents trying to make the german government better at digital
  • Computer assisted journalism
  • Tech tools specifically for local communities
  • Academics and researchers who are experts in social impact tech in germany, especially relating to the really big digital successes here like Wahl-o-mat
  • Funders of tech for social impact, especially people who have an overview of the field from places like the Robert Bosch Stiftung and similar.
  • People who are working in Refugee Tech
  • Blockchain people who are looking beyond the next cryptocurrency
  • Experts in big P Political Tech for elections and campaigns
  • ICT for Development
  • Tech for Transparency and Accountability
  • Tech for Democracy and participation
  • Tech tools for activists
  • Digital policy people who are developing novel tech related public policy

If you know of anyone you think I should talk to, or if you know about a project you’d like me to investigate, please just let me know here or via Twitter or email. Thanks!

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