Expecting an organization to match race or gender demographics is mathematical nonsense.
More diversity and inclusion babble from leftists.
Michael Robertson

Accusing others of babble is pretty rich, considering you clearly didn’t bother to read the article, or the news stories, or the original post that inspired this and thus your comment is a total non sequitur.

If you had bothered to take the few seconds to find out what you were talking about, you would have found out that the issue is Uber’s culture of systematic and pervasive sexual harassment, sexual harassment which is certainly actionable as well as likely breaking various Federal laws, and nothing to do with “race or gender demographics at all” (and incidentally a serious risk with no associated profit opportunity and therefore economically stupid).

Having read your other writing, I have no hope that you will do this — your “work” is a farrago of cliches and factoids — but someone should alert you to the fact that intellectual integrity is actually something to be aimed for — so you can’t say no one ever told you you were vacuous.

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