I met with Gibson’s controversial CEO Henry Juszkiewicz at the company’s showroom in Manhattan.
How Much Did This Guitar Story Cost Me? $2,376.99
Washington Post

Ah, a name from the past past past!

Decades ago there was a popular sequencer/digital audio workstation called Opcode Vision. Under that same Juszkiewicz, Gibson bought out Opcode Systems and then just dropped it on the floor, fairly quickly destroying the whole thing.

It wasn’t like Gibson bought the company, kept the best parts, and threw out underperforming segments — that would have been understandable. No, they bought it and never tried to do anything with it — they must have lost millions, back when a million was worth something.

And we the users were all out in the cold. And we all quickly realized that it was Juszkiewicz’s whim that had caused this, and that he could afford to do this because rich people bought his fancy, ultra-priced bogus collectors’ item guitars and allowed them to gather dust.

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