I’m done booking stays with multi-property Airbnb hosts.
Airbnb’s racism problem is much bigger than a few racist hosts.
David Robinson

And you did so well up until this point. :-)

“This huge company is causing terribly destructive social change to occur — so I’ll continue to use them in a slightly modified fashion.”

Gosh, I’m sure they are just quaking in their boots now.

Let me riddle you this — how, exactly, do you know if someone is really a multi-property Airbnb “host” or not? Let me guess — Airbnb tells you.

And you know this “host” is not a front for someone else who owns a lot of properties — how? It’s to Airbnb’s advantage to discourage this sort of deception — why?

For that matter, even without deception, a single-property host could very likely be renting cheaply somewhere and then Airbnb’ing out their property.

So you are still destroying long-term stay property in favor of short-term stay property, even if the hosts aren’t misleading you and the city to get around the rules.

Don’t get me wrong — I loved the article, and I agreed with all the conclusions, but if you do come to these conclusions, you should really follow them through to their ultimate consequences in your own actions.

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