The Green Party’s Troubling Stance on Sex Work
Emily Pothast

As I say so often these days, look to the Netherlands, where sex work is mostly decriminalized.

There are still pimps, and people of all genders forced into prostitution due to drug addiction — it wasn’t some magic bullet, and they’re still working on the overall problem.

But the problem is definitely a lot better. At the very least, the workers now have full legal protection when dealing with clients; they not only take credit cards, if someone refuses to pay, they can call the police.

More, it allows police to concentrate on the actual criminal parts — the pimping, the hard drugs, unprotected sex. (Yes, having unprotected sex for money is a crime in the Netherlands — you can see exactly where they draw the line…)

“Vice” is always going to be a problem. People will continue become drunks, compulsive gamblers, drug addicts, sex addicts or even gluttons for as long as the world lasts, whether or not these things are legal.

By decriminalizing the core activities, ones that we might not approve of but are essentially victimless, it gives us a better foothold to try to fix the really bad parts.

I think the Green Party’s platform is somewhat off-base; I also think that with discussion and negotiation, it could be adjusted to be more in line with compassionate thinking.

Remember, this is a difficult issue that stirs a lot of emotions and makes it hard to think clearly. Don’t write a group off just because they don’t come to exactly the correct conclusion on the first try…

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