But what power does the left have that’s not protest when Repubs have the White House and Congress?
Virginia Vitzthum

Good q! Using a temp. keyboard so will be terse.

  1. Use mass resistance to replace the DNC leadership.
  2. Relentlessly use procedural tools like the courts and filibusters to block as many bad things as possible.
  3. Relentless, disciplined acts of civil disobedience with great politeness and nonviolence and love but great substance and purpose (like the peaceful occupation of offices of leaders we need replaced) with unfortunately the aim of creating heroes and even martyrs, like Rachel Corrie. I remember Gandhi convincing Indians to passively resist the salt tax and being clubbed down, rousing the disgust of the British public.
  4. A laser-like focus on the 2018 midterms and the specific groups of people we wish to appeal to.
  5. Massive outreach by calm, rational leftists going in all humility to those voters in the bottom 50% of earners in our target areas and saying, “Here is our plan and here’s why it offers you real hope for the future again, and not just Hope™.”
  6. A relentless, implacable fight against voter suppression. Set up systems to facilitate the acquisition of the relevant ID for the disadvantaged — a good thing on its own. Provide transportation to and from the voting place, but more, sustenance, shade, and public toilets. Use the courts to force more voting booths.
  7. A similarly spirited fight against closed source voting machines. Don’t even get me started here.
  8. A “twinning system” where persuasive, friendly leftists are paired with those on the right in a sustaining way — to help them against the system that oppresses us both.

More exists but this keyboard…

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